more non-sense

Joy had me sub for her for a week on a “feature” that should make undergrad film students congratulate themselves on how well their productions are run.  I’m not sure where any of the people on this film came from, but if in the second week you can’t figure out how to pay overtime, or calculate lunch, or not be an asshole (this was pretty much everyone from the director down to the PA’s) then perhaps you should call the whole thing off and cut your losses.  Apparently the DP went to NYU for grad-school in cinematography.  He was an A1 asshat, confirming my belief that grad-school for the arts is just re-assurance for small weewees.  The director won a Clio for a commericial on Nickelodeon and loves doing stuff for VH1.  No good can come out of it.  My week is over and Zoe wants me to assemble wood into furniture and sell some bikes.