Michigan, how I want to live in you

So I must be driven to the airport and then from the airport down to Ohio for the funeral.  And then from the funeral back to Michigan to the airplane and back to New York again.   It was nice seeing these fellows of mine here on a few summer days in what becomes a quiet college town. We ate a lot of beans and Indian food.  And hopefully Eddie’s van service will pick me up without a problem.  We went to a lake.  And bowled.  And ran around an asphalt track.  And watched World Cup games at an Irish Pub.  Maggie had her ATM card eaten by a MS Windows running ATM.  I didn’t buy anything from Zingerman’s.  I’m not certain that it is a good value.  Hopefully Matt will grow some wheatgrass while Maggie is gone.  It’s pure rocketfuel.
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