maggie, films, Amber, burlesque, Staten Isl, no internet, rain

Stephen finally called on Saturday, while I was about to watch Adam Grossi a fellow TJ alum of ’99 who had a short personal film project screened at the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival. Zoe’s Stephanie was there. Lara Hoke too. Adam seems focused, it was a very meditative piece cut together of his dad’s home movie footage from youth. Back to Manhattan to eat with Amber and Stephanie, malaysian, then the burlesque show in the EV with Stephen et al. Conor was somehow in Aruba, but came back today, saw him in the Park on 8th ave and B. The free internet was cut off by the 5th floor. I still don’t have a computer, and need more focus. That’s about all I can say.
Maggie McElwain was in town as well. She cut my hair. She’s really a teriffic young woman. I hope she and Matt get hitched one day. She said they might consider getting married in some pagan voodoo temple.
Zoe’s friend from Chile is here, they speak in rapid hispanic utterances. It was raining tonight as I rode swiftly to her Greenpoint villa with the fear of death in me, thank you Brooklyn.