Long Sunday Morning

Jared and I couldn’t figure out the Saturday morning so we ran ourselves silly on Sunday instead. This only proves that 80′ is more than enough for a pair of yahoos hoping to run a 4′:45″ mile. We ran our asses down the parkway through the zoo, Dumbarton Oaks to Georgetown, down the C&O, up the trail to White Haven, back down through Dumbarton and up Calvert hill to Mt. P. A long run by all means. We stopped to do 6x80m strides (me barefoot) down by the bridge near the pushup bars. Jared got a sore hipflexor/upper thigh. I was too tired from this run to workout on Monday. Perhaps it was too ambitious. We need to workup to atleast 5 days a week of running + strength training. How to do it? Patiently, I’d say. Total run: ~80′ plus strides.