La Jolla to Redondo: Kalifornien

Jared is arriving this afternoon at SAN from Oregon. California is not like the mean streets of the BK or the AQ. So far we’ve decided to start importing the sad cold Penguins of the Antartic and give them some Bauhaus accomodations here in La Jolla. Not only will they be able to shop at Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna, and receive some fine plastic surgery but the waves here are great for beginners.

Yesterday we drove north along Highway-1 for a while and ended up in Redondo Beach to watch the finale of the Tour of California. Southern Los Angeles’ beach towns are more clean and idllyic than I remember. The cyclists did 10 laps of an 8 mile loop around the waterfront promenade. The sunset on the pier was nice. The fish tacos are good here. We finished the evening by meeting up with some old friends of mine from Portland, Natasha and Ruben, and we had some milkshakes at a stereotypical Californian diner.

Sadly it is supposed rain today. And tomorrow. Maggie and I need to wash the breakfast dishes. Anyway. California is beautiful. And surreal.

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