Jungle cool but the sun burns so

Yesterday we took the local 101 bus up the coast of Penang this morning to the national park on the island’s northern peninsula. The temperatures were pleasant in the morning and walking on the thick wet jungle track seemed to keep the temps down. It was about 4km to the aptly named monkey beach where many tourists chose to arrive by boat rather than tramp through the bush. We saw two Australians on the trail and probably only about 10 people the whole afternoon on the beach. It wasn’t the whitest sand nor the most pristine of waters but it was a nice start to the beach hopping and the walk through the jungle was a pleasant departure from KL’s almost unwalkable traffic.

Today it was the 101 again, back towards Georgetown to the upscale gated neighborhood of Jesselton Heights where after some funny looks and only a little bushwhacking through the forest behind the last of the mansions we were able to find the rock. We got about four routes in before our sweaty hands started slipping off the granite.

Now we are in the world’s smallest hotel room in Chinatown. But it has attached shower and, more importantly, air con. Now off to find some food. If it is as good as the banana crepes and chicken roti we had last night we’ll be happy indeed.