Is 400m 380m?

We rode our bikes up a large hill known as Porter today all the way to American University to run in the fog, the wet, and the dark, to try a new track. It wasn’t a super track, and Jared had gone out with his sister and friends last night perhaps too late. Was the track slow? Is Cardozo track less than 400m? I don’t know. I think we did alright. We did 4x 1200m repeats at V02 max pace, which according to our progress is around 85 seconds per lap. American’s track wasn’t as soft, and not as gothic or ominous in the dark. Anyhow, it took about 25 minutes to get there, and back, which isn’t very time effective, but perhaps we’ll go to St. John’s college and check that one out.
Time: ~50 min bike w/u + c/d; WU 1200m (87.2″ short, 93.8″, 92.5″: 4′:23.5″), first 1200m (87.2″, 88.7″, 89.6″: 4″:25.5″, avg: 1′:28.5″) second 1200m (83.0″, 86.84″, 89.5″: 4′:19.3″ avg 1′:26.4″ ) third 1200m (80.5″, 87.9″, 85.0″: 4′:13.4″, avg 1′:24.5″) fourth 1200m (84.2″, 84.0″, 84.2″: 4′:12″, avg 1′:24.1″) Track run total: ~22′