Internet Sales

per Zoe I finished the touring bicycle for sale on eBay. I talked to Scott this weekend about sharing woodshop space as it seems we have similar ambitions in the part time world of woodcrafting. Conor had mentioned to me a movie starring Will Oldham shot in Oregon, a kind of wandering mountain brook style film, called Old Joy. Looks promising. I might try and see it, as it appears to still be playing at Film Forum. We did poached eggs for the first time this morning. I think we needed Hollandaise sauce, but it was a good first effort. Nina called about working. I am thinking about Oregon climbing. And cycling. And doing anything. To feel anything. Is it this abyss of Winter? It was 70 degrees and sunny today. So what is it? Windows XP does in fact work under Boot Camp v1.1 beta on the MacBook Pro. In case you were wondering. This is why I bought the Mac. No regrets. Except for a few dead pixels that I will have to raise hell about. Apple’s quality control is down the composting toilet. Now to make a list of things to do with my life.