If someone ever asks you to shoot a movie in late January/February, both in Subway tunnels and involving many night exteriors, just say no.  Because it will be 9 degrees out at night.  Because Subway tunnels are filthy hazardous places.  Because the movie will go straight to DVD.  It is  not “The Warriors”.  Seriously.  No, is the correct answer.  Zoe and I put in an offer.  $307k may be too much for this 1 bedroom.  We’ll see.  It’s about a little over 900 sq. feet.   Big by New York standards, expensive and small by most American standards.  I think we could live like decadent kings in Columbus, Ohio.  Or Barre, Vermont.  Even Taos, New Mexico is supposed to be cheap.  What does New York have if not filthy subway tunnels and overpriced real estate?