icy north

Kissing Jessica Stein Deux… Vermont is going to have snow and Zoe
and I are going to drag her brother up to Boston early Thursday AM and
kick him out of the car at Grandma’s so we can continue on to the
unfettered dream that is Aaron’s Vermont cabin.  Sarah Greenspan
apparently lives in the state as well.  The feature I’ve been working
on has been going with the exception of having things fall on me.
Railing, 150 pound lights, etc.  Healthcare, necessary.  As well as
the yellow fever shot and a Visa to Ethiopia.  Zoe and I are sad to
not be in St. Louis with Matt and Maggie, though i’m not sad to not be
in Oakland, California with the flu on Thanksgiving, two years ago.
Condit and La Jolla and the OC await all this winter as things slow to
an icy halt in the city.  Wish us Godspeed on our journeys both North
and East.