i will not be denied.

with any luck all of my belonings will have been stolen out of my storage facility by voracious brooklyn vagrant thugs looking for vintage 1970’s minolta SLR cameras, Japanese Super 8 sound technology from the 80s, as well as numerous trinkets and love letters out of my sordid suburban past.

With all those out of my life, Nadine Olausson a broker friend of Jared’s up in Astoria will be able to quickly and easily find me a place to settle down up north where I’m less fearful for my life, with euro style cafe’s, with David Turner and Stacey, reasonable biking to Green Point and Astoria Park in general. that’s the plan, stan.

ps. the shooting went well. it’s crazy being a dp. I didn’t have to unpack or pack a single light. steadycam (TM) footage turned out well.