i can taste it.

i was confused.  I thought Jared Leto was the Steve Prefontaine of
_Without Limits_, when in fact he was the Steve Prefontaine of the
film entitled simply, _Prefontaine_.  With that clarified, _Without
Limits_ was the much better film, and Billy Crudup the much better
player.  Currently I’m working on something with Leto as the lead in
New York, and I’m not sure if anyone will care.

Which brings me to something I haven’t forgotten.  Last winter, about
a year ago, Jared Fuscaldo and I were running around a track in
Northwest DC hoping to run a sub five minute mile.  I don’t know what
happened.  I moved to New York, to a dirty loft full of skaters and
now I work on films.  But the thing about running, or setting some
arbitrary goal, like a sub 5 minute mile, is that you _can_ taste it.
It consumed me.  The mile I think especially is all consuming, but
running perhaps even more.  And when you think about a flat out race,
something where you guts come up into your mouth, or something
anything, that allows you to focus that hard, to get away from it for
a few minutes.  I miss it.  I don’t know what to do in this city.  I
think about riding around central park on my bicycle in hypnotic
circles, but I long for trails, running on fallen leaves and caked
mud, and miss it.  I feel like my life is all nostalgia.  How do you
capture the feeling of crying?

One response to “i can taste it.”

  1. Paul says:

    Don’t leave me in suspense…what is your mile time now????