I can quit you.

Okay. So I have a day off. My mySQL database for this blog is back up fine. ramsey.marybicycles.com and dickdavis.marybicycles.com are up. Dreamhost.com is my new server. They seem pretty reasonable. Rory Sheridan recommended them to me.

The film “Day Zero” I’ve been working on is finishing up its last 2 days, Shawn and I start a new feature on Monday 5am with French Belgian cinematographer BenoĆ®t Debie he shot Irreversible (2002). Anyhow, I think Meg and Matt will do alright finishing up the last 2 days and the check-in on Day Zero. The new apartment is nice. I should post some pictures. My Flickr RSS photo plugin isn’t back up yet for some reason. I’ll work on that. Internet is spotty in this deeply Polish pocket of Greenpoint. Zoe made some really good French toast this morning with apples and cheddar cheese. We have about 60 fluid ounces of grade A maple syrup left to drink (yes, CostCo). Her Dad’s television arrived. It makes both Ryan Atwood on the OC and Robert Redford in “3 Days of the Condor” look equally amazing.