Humedad Relativa

This was from last week. It’s hot. Those lights were hot. I went climbing in the ‘Gunks up some “classic” trad routes on the big walls up there near New Paltz this past weekend with Bill from MPHC. Zoe and I are going head up to Boston this weekend to see some of Zoe’s fam. The days have been pretty full and busy with work and Zoe painting and decorating the apartment. The 500 GB hard drive seems to be failing, perhaps due to File System issues with large drives. And it’s sad, as the music server dream was so close, yet so far. I am tempted to cut back to one bicycle. Say a nice steel single-speed cross bicycle. That was always a dream, I remember. Molly certainly remembers the days of only white French single-speed ‘cross bicycles. But I digress. I’ve been up to CT a couple of times for major’s work and days Tier 2 rigging. Zoe still makes more money than me I think. But if I were to work something like 320 days a year, I might win. Because that is what this is all about right, winning?

In the West Village Air - 1
Needless to say, everyone was hot and the tape peeled.
An example of mixed daylight tungsten lighting
36,000 watts of fun