house gone

i weekend in Washington, DC. This final chapter, the 4th of July involves a wedding in Oakton, or Vienna of one of Zoe’s best friends.
Then that’s it. Weekends in Central Park from here on out. Weekends riding the N up and down Manhattan. Charlie White on Saturday, Folk Life festival downtown, drinking hot organic chocolate milk on the mall in front of the Smithsonian baking, Jessica joined us for a bit.
Sunday, we climbed rocks, Matt and I, with Ben and Leora at Great Falls park. It was 95 degrees in DC. My parents said Iceland is expensive and cold. They still have more stuff to pack, but for the most part the house has lost its spirit. It’s out of their hands now.
Terry seems excited to have a well kept house, I’m not sure Darren is aware as such. Onward.