hot boulder

thinking of going to central park and bouldering.  may see david tonight.  _the morning line_ show was a moderate success, but most of all I think these guys will have a good summer playing venues ’til Stephen leaves for school.  here are my photos: i’m going to help them with their official site soon.

Zoe’s air conditioner works something fantastic.  terry has decided that dead cockroaches in the sink are unacceptable, which may or may not persuade him to clean his dishes and sliverware.  James Connell is in town for the 2005 World Bike Messenger Championships so it’ll be good to see that crazy kid, maybe even participate in an Alley Cat race in Jersey this Thursday on the French fixed gear. it creaks. Zoe’s tall blonde Danish is gone from our lives to Sudan, so good luck to her, she left us all sorts of crap to sort through.  Sanwaree may bequeath me her 917 number. Hot.