heman castle greyskull

mr. potato head made the move this weekend. as did Heman and an assortment of Transformers, Mask figures, as well as the Japanese figures whereby 5 colors form one giant space robot, I cannot recall the name. I have the complete Castle of Grey Skull, retail value?
Priceless I think. Zoe helped once I arrived in Astoria with furniture wood, and figurines.

After eating dinner with Zoe’s aunt and boyfriend, I learned that because the door to my room cuts at 45 degree angle, those entering are “helpful people” however, the door itself is more part of the career wall, the fireplace is alos on the career which is quite ominous, and as such needs to be plugged to stop the career from going up. The bed is going in the Relationship corner, head on the Fame wall. Books in the Knowledge corner. Desk in the wealth prosperity corner. Dangling crystal center of room, Health. I do hope Jessica enjoys here new job and her 6 year old IBM X-series laptop.