He had no problem quitting her

We were shooting in Brooklyn Heights last night on the Coen Brother’s film and I was thinking about Heath and Michelle’s romance which after three years has been “quit” (unlike the love of Brokeback Mountain). Ang Lee’s ‘Lust, Caution’ is in theaters now with Tony Leung literally and figuratively pulling it out, I suppose I should go see it. It cannot be worse than ‘The Hulk’.

I went bouldering the last two days in Central Park and worked too, it’s something I almost never do, that is personal time for half the day and then work. It was good. The Polish Traverse (#9) is as good of a V4/V5 in this city that I’ve seen. You don’t really need a pad or a spotter because you are 3 feet off the ground but there are basically two cruxes and the 2nd half around the corner requires either very quick moving feet or no feet at all and just campusing the three or four sloper/crimps before getting to easier finish crack. Josh has been sick and is starting another movie. Ryan’s foot is still healing. I’m not sure that Taylor is climbing that often. That leaves me and Erik. Maybe we’ll go to the ‘Gunks this week. Would love to go to West Virginia. And Vermont and see Aaron in his new old barn house. Zoe and I need to figure out our trip to Serbia/Hungary.

The record player sometimes skips, sometimes doesn’t. Why? Slippage of belt? Platter slip? Tone arm skating? Sounds so good when it doesn’t. Zoe is at a parade right now. I’m drinking coffee.

Rat Rock North Side, #9 is the Polish Traverse