Finally, a 3oz insulated espresso shot glass

Like many residents of this city an occasional stop at the “Starbucks Public Restroom Service” happens, but as I was waiting on line I found a set of Bodum 3oz Insulated Shot glasses with ounce increment markings for sale ($10.95).

As far as I can tell these do not exist on the internet and I think they are an older version of the Bodum Assam 2oz shot glass.  The glass I’d been searching for was from a specialty coffee distributor called Rattleware who make a 3oz mini shot pitcher, but these insulated Bodums (with a silicone pressure regulation seal at the bottom, no less) appear perfect for pulling up to 3oz shots and are certainly nicer to drink espresso out of.

Bodum Assam 2oz, the version I have has straight walls and 1 & 2oz interval markings, allowing up to 3oz total volume

Bodum Assam 2oz: the version I bought has parallel straight glass walls and two 1oz interval markings, allowing up to 3oz total volume

Rattleware 3oz Mini PItcher

Rattleware 3oz Mini Shot Pitcher

2 responses to “Finally, a 3oz insulated espresso shot glass”

  1. yunghi says:

    OK, now I know what I should have gotten you guys from Paris!

  2. Bill Mazzoni says:


    I ran across this blog entry while doing the same kind of Web search for the straight-walled Bodum shot glasses. A few weeks ago, I accidentally broke the one I’ve been using for pulling shots. Until that happened, I didn’t realize how fond I had become of their insulating property. They make it so much easier to handle the shots of espresso at 200º. You may be happy to know I’ve just found a source for those same, straight-walled “thermo-glass” (aka “Bodum”) espresso shot glasses: (links to a search on a popular online auction site)

    Good Luck!