Elijah as himself

These days on this $1mil feature haven’t been so bad so far. The male leads are Elijah Wood, Chris Klein, and some other young actor who sounds like he’s from New York or Jersey. It’s about the draft. I’m inclined to say that Elijah is actually a pretty down to earth guy, a bit into computers/digital cameras and other geeky stuff, but I think you’d kind of expect it if you watch him in his roles. Anyhow, my old school position title on this feature is “Lamp Operator”. I think Chris would find it a good title, because I think he’d be proud of how I “work” the lights. There’s actually quite a bit to it. I don’t know if I’d call it magic. Because most of the time my mind wanders: do you suppose I could bicycle to Ann Arbor, Michigan in less than a week? How much does a penthouse/rooftop loft in Williamsburg/Greenpoint go for? What would it be like to have roofdeck access? I watched a good part of the sunset over the East River and the midtown skyline. Williamsburg has that going for it. And dirty hipsters. Where the guys wear tighter pants than the girls. Amazing.

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