drop it like it’s hot…

worked a good week in the Rockaway’s and fat hot Coney Island as the 3rd Electric on a feature shoot, thanks to Jamison the Gaffer.
Jamison had entreated a good friend of his from Maryland who just graduated as the “Electric Intern” anyhow, it was a good crew and the shoot seems to be going well from the week I saw. I got some sun, liked the beach at the Rockaways. Zoe had a sailboat race this morning out near Long Island and I hope to hang around the house, maybe try to unpack more things.

I’m looking for a video shooter out in Seattle for this Mustache doc I might be working on. Getting ready for the bike trip with Matt to Montreal soon, Boston to Montreal seems like a good trip. Apparently the bus is pretty cheap back. the music video I shot for Conor, James, and Stephen is online http://themorningline.marybicycles.com
that’s about all. There’s more projects on the burner, despite the heat, things feel good.