So Zoe and I went to the MoMA “Sleep Walkers” exhibit last night in the cold winds, to see the screens projected hither and yon upon the exterior MoMA walls. It was a fairly clean sterile design, in that the world of the characters didn’t remind Zoe and I of the city we live in. And Johnny from the OC, was in fact the bike mesenger character except that he really never got dirty or rode his bicycle, though he did play drums in the subway. The lead singer from Cat Power was a Postal Worker, Donald Sutherland goes to what may be the NY Stock Exchange. I suppose really it was the novel presentation that made it anything worthwhile, and not the content, because they were these massively bright projections on 9 walls on all sides, and it was freezing cold out. That’s about all I can think of. I was certified to shoot down in the Subways by the MTA for this next film starting at the end of this month. It’s finally getting cold out. Haven’t had any more fruitful converations with Anna except for the one where she told us she wants us to move out May 1st.