deferred to Ethiopia

Sadly Vermont was deferred by Aaron’s car troubles, perhaps two feet of snow, and a general lack of Four Wheel Drive.  A Greenpoint Thanksgiving with my Gaffer Shawn Greene and his Kazakhstani girlfriend, and tall Jeff from Iowa, and some Russian friends of theirs.  Amazing.  It was the shortest Thanksgiving commute ever, sadly ignoring our relative’s pleas, and walking a mere four blocks for turkey and people speaking foreign tounges in Brooklyn.  Also, School Of Rock was on TV.

Ethiopia begins out of Newark this Wednesday flying to Frankfurt for a night and then to Addis Ababa.  The North should be full of ruins and driving off road, and high mountain plains.  Pictures will be posted upon return.

I don’t know what to think of the Romantic Comedy genre.  It’s kind of painful.  Too many small closed off locations for "free" or from "friends" to keep costs low.  There’s a reason people shoot on sets, I’ve learned, is that if you have a film crew of 50 people come into your relatively nice wooden Brownstone in Harlem, they will mess up your paint and your nice wood floors.  Worst case scenario, say at a Yoga Center in the Upper West Side, a fire might start with actors below it, due to the lack of ventilation while filling the skylight full of 12kW of hot lights, and then all the glass will crack.  Lesson learned.

Bis Dann. Liebe Gruesse. -Mark