Day of the JLG Condor

In the morning the phone call from Josh was somewhat frantic, Matt’s car was stuck in ice and locked between two tightly packed cars, wasn’t there an Enterprise Rental by my place? Indeed. It opens at 7:30am. The one Nissan Pathfinder SUV was all they could rent for a thrifty $90 per day We would still have to cross Manhattan via the 59th Street Bridge and pick up Josh and Jeff at 96th and Broadway, and then on to Mt. Vernon, NY to do our boom and scissor lift certification course. Why would you want to be lift certified? Because when Jimmy, Tommy, and Frankie ask you if you’re lift certified on the next film you work on, you say, “Yeah, here’s the card signed by Sam Blakely, the 170 foot lift guy in Mt. Vernon.” Whatever. It’s all a racket. Our joke was that because this training course was cheaper than the other JLG certified course, the Union would ask us for the $35 difference as an administration fee. So yeah. We did that, ate Indian food, Josh and I drove to the climbing gym, I got a $115 ticket, the rental car was almost towed. Just another fucking day in the Winter Paradise that is New York City.

Fence and Condors