Cricket and other creepy crawlies

We left Tonsai today for Krabi Town and air con. Yesterday was so hot that even the Thai ladies with the food stands at the south end of Tonsai beach were complaining. We brought something with us though, a large scary spider who hitched a ride in Mark’s backpack. We thought we had chased him away before we left the bungalow but he hung in there through the longboat ride and on top of the song-thaew and only resurfaced when we reached our hotel.

After 9 nights in the bungalow it’s nice to have a real hotel with hot water, AC, and a tv, even if the only English channels are news and sports (soccer, badminton and the utterly unfathomable cricket) and one movie channel from Pakistan. There was also a lizard on the wall above our bed when we got back from dinner at the night market by the pier (bad pad thai – the first time we’ve been burned by street food). He was small and cute and looked harmless enough and scurried off when we came in.

Tomorrow we leave for Ko Tao on the east Gulf Coast; it promises to be another epic travel day/night as we plan to take the overnight ferry from Surat Thani. Ko Tao has both snorkeling and more climbing and we hope it will be slightly cleaner & lower key than the Raileys and Tonsai. From there we’ll keep heading north.