Contemplated blog posts

Topics we wanted to write about, but never got around to:

– Crossing the street in Hanoi: a primer by Mark and Zoe
– Driving a motorbike with one hand while carrying a parasol: a primer by Laotian school girls
– Horn honking as a defensive (and offensive) driving mechanism: a primer by Vietnamese bus drivers
– Regional variation in Coca-Cola, including can versus glass bottle comparisons
– Sticky rice: a Laotian’s best friend
– 70 km through the mountains on a ladies’ Dutch single speed bicycle
– Thai music videos: heartbreak and cell phones
– Thai karaoke videos: pretty ladies and waterfalls and wait, is she taking her shirt off?
– Ode to potable tap water
– Any road with less than 2 lanes in each direction and no median does not deserve to be called a highway, especially if there are water buffalo on it
– Small birds in cages: good luck, except in Mark’s nightmares
– The insidious proliferation of Nescafe