Conception, Hair Models, and MSG

My parents were in town for the past few days.  My mother and I went out to where I was born in New York.  It was pretty exciting.  The train out there was pretty sweet, and the old shingled houses and tiny lots of the New York suburbs were sweet too.  We watched West Virginia beat MSU and Airforce lose to Clemson at Madison Square Garden, in some made up tournament called the NIT.   Hung out with Alison one day last week, she seems to be making her adjustments from the Northwest okay.  We walked around Brooklyn and crossed the bridge into Chinatown for dumplings.  Not too much else, need to find a new place to live as our lease is up and our landlord is insane. Zoe and I are going to Colorado for Passover with her family this weekend.
Alison wants to be an Aveda hair model
The house in New York
Riverside Drive view of New Jersey
L train late nite