Hmm. The ABC pilot, for me anyhow, is over and done. It seems like a lot of money to be spending on another crime drama. Who can say? My first major’s contract job. That’s good. Lots of guys from Jerseee, New Yourork, etc. I spent a lot of time in the air, looking at birds in trees. Thinking about powerlines, the effectiveness of a manlift to become a conduit. Turns out, you DO NOT GROUND THE LIFT. If the lift is grounded it’s a huge lightening rod. And I would be standing on it. Ideally, the lights don’t leak any current, I’ve got a big rubber mat and boots, and I don’t become a conduit. Four aught cable is heavy. Hundred feet runs of two aught are nothing. 18k’s need to warm up with the bulb in the middle position. Panavision stuff looks nice. Some movie with Elijah Wood is coming up. I want to be friends with that kid. He seems nice.