Burke Lake to Kabul

Went to see Ben Horne with Matt. He’s doing alright except for some war wounds from Bishkek, big fingers, a slight limp. He had crazy pictures of his travels after the Peace Corps, and he admitted, not enough pictures from Kyrgyzstan proper, but his travels were amazing. Silk route, an old Russian 4wd Geo-Metro type, all the way to Afghanistan. Anyhow, we went to Burke Lake. I ran about 4.5 miles or so. Total ~38 min

run up the hill _then_ around the track

you know the workout is going well when about half way through you feel like puking. Jared didn’t show it, but I felt like ass after the 2nd set of hills but before the 3rd, and 4th (400m + 2x 200m) repeats. It was hot and raining. I was wearing only shorts and tee. Jared was running solid tonight which was good to see. We were shooting for 75″ and he hit 72″. On the final 200m he ran a 31.8″ I was 0.6″ behind him. This was definitely the type of workout we’ll do more of. Faster 400m’s. Sub 35″ 200m repeats. Maybe days devoted to short fast hill repeats. My legs are gone. Yesterday was a solid 60′ run, and today with a 26′ morning, the evening was heavy. The thing about speed is that it is addictive. I think morning runs will be about barefoots downhill strides, form focus. Turnover. Strength. You ask yourself, what marginal existance will sustain this type of training? What if, all we want, is to be better?

Work out goals: 5x 13th St. hill repeat, 5x (400m + 2x 200m)
Achieved: 4x hill, 4x (400m + 2x 200m)

Hill Repeat: 41.3″, 41.5″, (track) 39.7″, 40.8″ (track)
Track repeats: ((400m) 82.8″ (200m) 37.8″, 38.4″ (400m) 75.2″ (200m) 36.1″, 35.9″)
((400m) 72.5″ Jared 73.7″ Mark (200m) 35″, 34.4″
(400m) 70.5′ Mark 72.2″ Jared (200m) 35.5″, 31.8″Jared 32. 4″ Mark)
w/u + c/d: 15′ + 9′

totals: Mark morning: ~27′, evening ~37′, Mark total: 64′

First Run of the Year.

It was a slightly cool, grey Sunday afternoon, perfect for a long run. Starting at 1745 Park Rd. we took it easy on the downhill into the Zoo and onto the Rock Creek pathway. We followed that South down to Georgetown then cut across via the C&O. The path was closed for a short section so we jumped down into the mostly dry canal, ran several hundred yards with a step here and there sinking an inch or two in the mud, then climbed up the stone wall and back out onto the track. After a km or so, we diverted off of the C&O, under a bridge and onto a dirt path. I’m not sure enough of our location in the city to describe it in this writing but it did include a long stretch through the woods and several intense hill sections until eventually putting us back on the Rock Creek Pathway. The run ended with a hard push up the big hill to Calvert then, having eclipsed the hour mark, we slowed to strolling pace, so as to soak in the first Sunday afternoon of 2005 in Adam’s Morgan and Mt. Pleasant. Tomorrow, speed…

Mark notes: I felt really good today for some reason. Took about 30 minutes to warm up but once we hit the C&O I felt like we could roll. The hills were nice, and the downhills back in Dunbarton Oaks felt great. Total run ~60 minutes

jan one

for new years Mark camped out in GW forest with Matt, Mags, Zoe, and Charlie. We hiked about 20 km on the long loop up the Big Schloss. Jared camped at 1745 Park Rd. in Mt. Pleasant and kicked it wildstyle with Meg and Jessica, DC. Jared didn’t mention if he did any physical activity on the first day of the new year.

morning and gay stretches

I ran a nice noon run up by the tennis center on 16th east of the park. Scoped out the loop to see if it’d fit Jared’s and my long repeat work better. It’s hard to say, I’d like a better longer loop for VO2 repeats, which is why the 800m loop at the tennis center is an option. Anyhow, it was a pretty liesurely run. That evening Jared and I did wall sits, some ab work leg kicks, and some really silly resistance training with the rubber bands. Jessica thought she had me in the wall sit contest but my quads prevailed. We need to figure out a resistance routine. Total: ~37′ min

You’re a runner Jared.

Two sets of (1x 800m, 2x 400m, 4x 200m) first set was a run down from 82.5″ for the 800m, 80″s for the 400’s, and then 37-40″s for the 200’s. The 2nd set was faster, 80″ for the 800m, 77″ then 75″ for the 400, and then 37″, 35″, and a final 33″ perhaps for the last 200m repeat. It went well. I’ll post the splits later. Jared’s leg hurts and his ears are still ringing from the roots concert. I’m tired and want to watch Prefontaine movies all day long. -mark

Times: w/u 19 minutes. (800m @ 2′: 44.8″ (82.1″, 82.7″), 400m @ 78.5″, 79.4″,
200m @ 37.25″, 40.96″, 38.52″, 38.67″)
(800m @ 2′:39.75″ (79.99″, 79.96″), 400m @ 73.93″, 76.48″,
200m @ 37.37″, 37.84″, 34.99″, 33.39″)
c/d walk home?

two-a-day Monday

On a pleasantly cold sunny Monday post Christmas, back in Mt. Pleasant, I took to the trails around Connecticut Ave. for about 45 minutes in the morning and then 30 minutes up Porter to Cleveland Park in the eve. I tried to do some drills in the soccer park by by the mill but the ground was frozen solid and the grass was really knotty and hurt my feet. My left knee below the knee-cap towards the bottom hurt a bit. Day total ~70 minutes


went running in the cold left over snow and parking lots of Middletown, Ohio. Felt pretty good. Have been reading and strategizing over what Jared and I should do for training. Beyond not running around vacant parking lots in the Midwest, I’m going to recommend two speed sessions a week, with a minimum of 3 other runs, plus a race. I’d say 1) fast rep speed 2) interval longer not as fast speed 3) threshold longer LT reps 4) race and then two other aerobic fun runs, alternating a long run every other weekend, eventually building to one long run per week. Consistently running is a huge part of this, but consistent speed training I think is the other major block. ~35 minutes

the mile

Jared and I ran a timed mile tonight. I managed to hold him off by about 2 seconds after running 75 seconds for the opening lap, which may be been too fast in retrospect. My laps were 75.1″, 77.3″, 80.8″, 78.4″ (w/ +9m). Mark at 5′:11.5″ and Jared at 5′:13.5″. Jared was always a little back behind me and I think his splits were slightly more even, as I picked it up on the last 200m or so. I had run earlier in the day with Charlie White and we’d done an 800m warmup at 2′:57″ to get some blood going. A fully fresh mile definitely could go faster for both of us. Nonetheless, we’re encouraged by this time and look forward to going under five. 18 minute warmup, and 12 minute cool down home. Total evening: ~38 minutes, day total for Mark: ~74 minutes

Sunday and why I didn’t go

I was supposed to run at the PG Sportsplex today, in the first track meet of my 1/4 century adult life. The last time I ran in a meet I think was 7th or 8th grade. I believe I ran the 800m. Today, however, I slept in.

I don’t know why I did this. I suspect it’s similar to why my film isn’t finished. At anyrate, I did run today to Georgetown on the trails, and did some pullups and leg-lifts, and then some barefooted downhill 80m sprints. They felt good, and my legs are tired, it was something like 80 minutes of running today. But I had wanted to run the 800m and the 1600m races at the allcomers meet in Landover. Hopefully in the future, with a few other people, I won’t be on my own. I really think this is key. You can’t do it alone. You need support, to help you get there, to race with you, to push you in training. Support. I’m certain of it.

Top 5 Finish!!

And I even beat the 75 year old NASA employee, dealing him a much needed ego deflating blow just two weeks before his retirement from the Space Agency.

Yeah, so I finished top 5 in the Tidal Basin 3K, but really of the 40 or so folks who lined up for the race, only about 8 were worth comparing oneself against. And that was only because I’m using my aggrevated right quad as an excuse. Really, this race should be an easy win. The top finisher came in around 10:30. I’m guessing anyway. I’ll see tomorrow when the results are posted online. I came in at 11:02 (a 5:55 mile pace). It is true that I was holding back so as not to overstrain the quad, but also I realized that I still have a long way to go. My form felt terrible, and my shadow’s form looked terrible. I’m breathing way too hard for a 3K. I’m having difficulty with the small breaths. They all seem to be gasps. But not nearly as gaspy as the bloke I overtook to earn the #5 position’s wheezes. I like to think he was going all out.

Well, next month the race is the day before the inauguration. Even with dodging security agents I won’t be happy with anything slower than a 10:30. It’ll have to be a disciplined holiday season.


Case of the Late afternoon Blogs

Yesterday (Monday 12/13) evening’s session had hopeful beginnings. 15 min of stretching. On the warm up jog over to Cardozo track, the upper right quadricep strain that had been hampering me seemed to be healed. However, once we were two laps into our first 1.5 mile, I could sense that it was weaker than a completely healthy quad would feel. But… a 95 second 400m is not a scortching pace so I thought I’d be fine. Lap five of the the second 1.5 was when the tweak occurred. Then on the successive lap it tweaked again, in the same area on the track nonetheless. The third 1.5 mile was going to be the punisher. The part of the session that would push us forward. I could feel that in my lungs. But frustratingly I made the call to end the session for myself. Mark continued with barefoot form drills on the grass.

Today – the quad hurts like hell. Much more than the mild pain from last night indicated it would. Right now I’m sure the race tomorrow is out of the question. I’ll still have my running clothes with me at work though.


Mark notes: 15 min w/u to Cardozo, 1st LT 2400m (99.8″, 95.4″, 96.0″, 94.7″, 98.2″, 95.9″: total 9′:39.9″ avg 96.7″ per 400m lap), 2nd LT 2400m (1st 94.2″, 95.6″, 94.1″, 94.0″, 95.7″, 94.4″ total 9′:28.0″ avg 94.7″ per 400m lap), 9 minute jog home: ~43 min total

West Pot.

I spent some time at Charlie’s uncle’s farm this weekend with Matt et al. and did some manual labor. Nonetheless, about 40 minutes were all I accomplished upon my return to Northern Virginia from Loudon County to visit my parents. Ran a 200m repeat on the track in 30.3′. Didn’t do my barefoot drills as it was starting to rain, which is a shame. I do enjoy those barefoot drills. The West Potomac track seemed larger than the Cardozo track. Why is that? Should I measure? Ran fast downhill to Belle Haven. ~38 minutes

Wednesday Hustle

The workout was going well, 3 x 1000m at I-pace (87′ / 400m) then start doing some faster repeats, 2 x 200m, 2 x 400m, 1 x 800m. But what happened? We went and blew it all on the first 200m repeat, too fast! ~31″. Jared’s hip flexor/thigh started acting up. I finished up the workout all the way up to the 800m, but decided against the 800m. It was an ambitious workout, and as a result, one runner injured, one runner unable to complete. Times for 1000m V02 repeats: 3′:32″, 3′:37, 3′:37″. Full 3′ recovery each. 200m times: ~32.4″, 33.9″. 400m times: 70.7″, 79.4″. Walk home. ~45 minutes total.

Long Sunday Morning

Jared and I couldn’t figure out the Saturday morning so we ran ourselves silly on Sunday instead. This only proves that 80′ is more than enough for a pair of yahoos hoping to run a 4′:45″ mile. We ran our asses down the parkway through the zoo, Dumbarton Oaks to Georgetown, down the C&O, up the trail to White Haven, back down through Dumbarton and up Calvert hill to Mt. P. A long run by all means. We stopped to do 6x80m strides (me barefoot) down by the bridge near the pushup bars. Jared got a sore hipflexor/upper thigh. I was too tired from this run to workout on Monday. Perhaps it was too ambitious. We need to workup to atleast 5 days a week of running + strength training. How to do it? Patiently, I’d say. Total run: ~80′ plus strides.

Wednesday night Threshold

Another ominous night at Cardozo, only this time Asa Tapley the III was there to give us a run. Jared made the awful decision to give a full pint of his blood to the Red Cross, losing out on precious red blood cells, but did the workout anyway. We warmed up for 11′. Ran some drills barefoot on the field, Russian kicks, high knees, and butt kicks, + 6 100m strides. Then ran LT at ~97.5″ / 400m for 2 miles, or 13′:06″ around the track. Asa bested Jared and I with one extra mile. Anyhow, the LT pace felt good. Cool down back to Mt. Pleasant was a liesurly 13′. Total for run: 37′

First Serious Track Workout

Ran to Cardoza track w/ Jroc, 13 min w/u. Goals for workout were 90″, 85″, 85″, 80″, 75″, 70″ x 400m, then 37″, 37″, 35″, 35″ x 200m, all with equal rest period to interval… here’s what we achieved: 94″ equal rest, 86″ equal rest, 85″ equal rest, 81″ equal, 76″ + 5″ rest, 72.4″ + 28″ rest, 35.3″ + 3″ rest, 35.7″ + 7″ rest, 35.0″ + 10″ rest, 35.0″, full recovery, 14 min c/d home. Felt sloppier after faster work, focused on turnover and stronger toe off. I think form barefoot speed will help in these instances as toe off will be much stronger. total ~45′

Soccer Park Rock in Foot

Ran to Soccer Park: 3x high knees for 30m, 3x russian kicks 30m, 6x fast accelerating strides 110m, all barefoot, felt really good. Maybe did the strides too fast, but tried accelerating smoother on the last ones. Focused on turnover. No pains, no orthotics, new lacing pattern on right shoe. Finished run via Rockefeller mansion route back: not including form drills, total 24′

Danny Yi

Run w/ Dan Yi, pretty quick down from Gravelly point to Rosevelt Island. Worked on turnover. Had pains in top of right foot after run, maybe orthotics, new shoe tightness. Iced + ibuprofen: total 42′

First Encounter with Cardozo

Jared and I ran to the track and ran some laps. 4 x 400m, with usu. 2.5′ rest between. The split times were as follows: 12 min warmup, (91.8″) + 2’10” rst, (76.7″), (82.6″) +2’20” rest, (83.3″), 16 min cool down: total 39′