Awesome Nerdage

The NYTimes had a good article about a Brooklyn based father and son team who launched a weather balloon with a small HD Video camera up to 100,000 feet (their site:

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

And in a similar vein, Wired has an article about the creation of “hand made” computers within large virtual video games. The idea being, using virtual building blocks from these worlds (and components with special properties), entire computing machines can be built (virtually).

My goodness, that’s good coffee!

I’ve been drinking the Stumptown Hairbender blend, usually as a “tall black” AKA an Americano (with nearly equal amounts espresso to water) at Sweet Leaf down the street.  It’s really good.  Basically, it trumps most all the other coffee I’ve had in this city, which until lately has been chock full of not very good coffee.  In the past I’ve enjoyed both Grumpy and Gimme’.  Don’t get me wrong, they were good.  And maybe I’ll do some sort of coffee round up and see how the shots these shops pull compare, but for right now, it’s insane.  The level has been elevated that much higher now that Stumptown is in town.  I’m glad for it.

I had a MySQL database failure (thanks Dreamhost) but fortunately I backup daily.  Unfortunately my backup was Latin1 and not UTF-8, because I started using WordPress like 4 years ago.  Anyhow, it’s all converted now to UTF-8 and looks like things are OK.  Aris pointed out that perhaps my CAPCHA plugin is doing something funky, I’ll look into it.

The new SiliconDust HD HomeRun Tuner came in the mail.  Zoe is excited about MythTV recording her shows for her.  I am very sad that Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles is ending this week, it’s like I’ve lost a child who’s going to war.  Only it’s a war in the future with evil robots.  And my son’s name is John.  John Connor.  Also I’m pretty stoked about JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek.  From the previews it appears ILM might’ve increased the SFX production values, though there probably won’t be any tribbles.  I love tribbles.  And Stumptown.