Anthony Lane for the New Yorker writes about Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers:

The music is by Skrillex, who created such tender ballads as “Bangarang” and “Kill Everybody,” while the color scheme, stuffed with explosive pinks and dreamy tangerines, makes Matisse look like Giacometti. Who, you want to ask, can possibly be the magus behind this bacchanal—this forthright sucking of Popsicles, this spume of beer hosed across bare flesh, this char-grilled day?

"The Candy Man Can"

“The Candy Man Can”

旺角卡門 (HK 1988), ‘Take My Breath Away’, awesome.

As Tears Go ByWong, Kar Wai:

As Tears Go By 旺角卡門 (HK 1988) Wong Kar-Wai

And, on the same continent but more literal, an excellent cultural writeup by Chris O’Brien of the rice alcohol & Bia hơi available in Northern Vietnam:

And because I don’t want to let you down, all five of you who read this, thanks mom:

Top Gun-Maverick&Charlie-Take My Breath Away

I don’t eat, I don’t drink….

Some shots from a sunset before New Years 2012 in Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree Under Spell

The music clip is ‘Under Your Spell’ by Desire, available from their album, II (Italians Do It Better, 2009) as well as on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the 2011 film Drive.


Say what you will, Thing

NPR did a promo of sorts for Hanni El Khatib and Nike 6.0 (extreme sports division). I’d say even more than his music, the fact that the entire music video is shot with tight spot lights & slow motion is impressive to me. And the colors. So it does intrigue me, as much as any extreme ad spot can I suppose. During the NPR interview El Khatib says something to the effect, “Find as many things as you can that inspire you, put them together, and come up with something new.” Not bad. Anyhow, I like the track “I Got A Thing” (a re-imagining of a 1970 Funkadelic song) and the colors in this video are insane.