Case of the Late afternoon Blogs

Yesterday (Monday 12/13) evening’s session had hopeful beginnings. 15 min of stretching. On the warm up jog over to Cardozo track, the upper right quadricep strain that had been hampering me seemed to be healed. However, once we were two laps into our first 1.5 mile, I could sense that it was weaker than a completely healthy quad would feel. But… a 95 second 400m is not a scortching pace so I thought I’d be fine. Lap five of the the second 1.5 was when the tweak occurred. Then on the successive lap it tweaked again, in the same area on the track nonetheless. The third 1.5 mile was going to be the punisher. The part of the session that would push us forward. I could feel that in my lungs. But frustratingly I made the call to end the session for myself. Mark continued with barefoot form drills on the grass.

Today – the quad hurts like hell. Much more than the mild pain from last night indicated it would. Right now I’m sure the race tomorrow is out of the question. I’ll still have my running clothes with me at work though.


Mark notes: 15 min w/u to Cardozo, 1st LT 2400m (99.8″, 95.4″, 96.0″, 94.7″, 98.2″, 95.9″: total 9′:39.9″ avg 96.7″ per 400m lap), 2nd LT 2400m (1st 94.2″, 95.6″, 94.1″, 94.0″, 95.7″, 94.4″ total 9′:28.0″ avg 94.7″ per 400m lap), 9 minute jog home: ~43 min total