carbon steertubes and the rest

So my newish used 1996 Salsa “La Razza” bike has a Performance “Forte” brand 1″ all carbon fork on it. The problem is, even with a fancy 1″ expansion wedge made by Profile Design, it slips. I’ve had two thoughts on this, and now I think I’ve come up with what is perhaps the most expensive solution to fix it. The problem: carbon fiber isn’t a great clamping surface and when you think of a handlebar / stem combo that is subjected to the lateral torsional stress of a rider gripping as well as potholes and bumpy New York streets, if something in this system slips it all goes loose. Here’s a nice page about headsets.

True Temper, the tubing company (golf clubs, frame tubes, missiles, etc.) happens also to build carbon fiber forks and their system, supposedly a rather good one, is to glue an aluminum shim with a threaded insert that re-inforces the carbon fibre steerer for clamping while providing a solid threaded fixture in the steertube. The next step is to buy an expensive Ritchey WCS stem with an 1-1/8″ to 1″ shim, and hope that the whole damn thing is worth the effort. I have faith that the guys at NYC Velo can get it done.

I’ll be working on Gangster again on Friday. Otherwise I’ve been thinking of the navel, and I cooked Zoe dinner the other night.