Build an Itinerary

So I would say there has been something of a work slow down, what with the writer’s strike and all. I mean, what do I know? I am not local, but I do have health care and I did get my teeth cleaned. My LDL/HDL levels are good. I need to go jogging or ride my bicycle more. The rocks though. That’s all I can think about. There is this youth group full of kids in Central Park, some sort of “Parcours Club”, it’s like a break dancing club without the music. They really like Umpire rock and doing flips off of the fences and park benches.

My itinerary is built. I flew to New Mexico and hiked with Matt. I will be in Denver with Chris and I imagine we’ll do some snow shoeing. In Tucson and points further south Zoe and I will sweat in the desert and then in Joshua Tree we’ll climb on rocks and camp out. A kid I went to high school with, Garret Christensen (he starred in a short “Vietnam film” I had to make for my US AP History class) has a blog as he recently completed a “yo-yo” of the Continental Divide Trail [ South > North > South ] in less than 180 days (that’s something like 40 miles a day of hiking in the mountains). He’s going back to school for his Phd. of Economics in Berkeley, CA. Apparently women’s clothing retail is suffering this holiday season, so if you’ve been eying that new skirt…

Taos Parking
East Mesa Taos

High Road

Our first hike of the trip