Bowery is still somewhat dangerous

On a Friday night after a day that felt like a week, Bowery on a bicycle is a death trap. Friday night with a 10 hour turn-around for tomorrow. The 4 day thing is going well enough, though. The little truck packs like a dream. If only there were a shelf for the ballasts above the 6K’s, that would save some unloading. The Gitane was an active prop in one of the scenes. I’ve been lazily turning AC on before going to bed because even at 74 degrees I want the room cold and Zoe is always warm. Braeden is in New York from Zambia going to school on the UWS. Hopefully LIC this Sunday. There is an island to be built in the kitchen. Atleast the shoe rack is done (re-used pine) batten). I think the McCarren Park pool party days are over, but I have this photo of a young woman’s bicycle heart tatoo. And a Greenpoint sunset. And Stephen doing the slip and slide with his belly.

IMG_2508.JPGIMG_2470.JPG IMG_2464.JPG IMG_2459.JPG