Blowing Up

Last night on Gangster they blew some stuff up for Denzel. It was basically a late 1960’s winter night Pimps & Hoes party set in the Bronx I believe, being shot in Williamsburg.  It was a long night.  There was a mean drive by shooting scene.  We rigged some Kinos in a Chinese restaurant.  There were Ruby 7’s under the J train, a few condors, including a 170 foot with an insane light array of 4 Dinos hooked up on it.  A few 20k’s on lifts, and lots of ParCans and 10’ers on rooftops shooting down into the street through the tracks.  We went to Jersey today for the New Years.  I managed to sleep a few hours and have lunch with Zoe’s kind relatives in Princeton.  We are now watching HDTV on the new used LG tuner, and the vintage Denon PMA-850. Pure Vintage. It weighs like 40 pounds.