blast you mt-daapd! blast you!

So I thought that Firefly / mt-daapd was working under Jaunty 9.04 but I was wrong. It does in fact stream remote .mp3s but it doesn’t transcode the FLAC. Boo. Apparently it’s usual for things to break when they’re upgraded, but it worked fine on the old Dell PIII which makes me think that maybe I should go back to that. 9.04 may be required as a front-end (using VDPAU) but if I can get some 8.04.2 LTS stable love on the back-end and have all this other stuff working I’d definitely prefer that. Did you know that the AMD XP 2800+ had a 78W TDP? I sure didn’t. That’s a hot little puppy. This cheap Intel e5200 I bought is significantly faster and cooler than that guy, my only regret is that it doesn’t have VM/VT natively. Man. So sad, I thought I had it all going strong.