I have two bikes.  I built a frame January 2014 for a frame building workshop taught by Paul Carson at the Sculpture Gym in Philadelphia.  I rode this lugged 605b touring bicycle across Newfoundland.  The other is the ~1972 Gitane Le Tour.  It’s still doing alright.  It seems likely that I’ll add cantilever mounts to the rear stays and build a new front wheel with a dynamo hub.  The frame is nominally 120mm and currently with a 6 speed freewheel I cannot hit all 6 speeds without chain rub, but perhaps if I build a wheel with a different hub I might get better clearance.  The freewheel in question was a new old stock Shimano 600 6v which should go forever.  1×6 seems pretty good for commuting.  Would be nice at some point to have a chain-case or at minimum a porteur style chainring protector on the front.  The existing Phil Wood BB is shot, I need to replace that too.   So yeah, new wheels, a new fender, new lighting system.  The bike needs some TLC, but it’s still going strong.  The 650b tourer has barely been touched except for a ride across Newfoundland.

Sweet, right?
This graffitti kid Kenji gave me these cranks
XTR lever SDG saddle and planet bike LED
Pitlock skewers

The last bike I sold  was a Trek XO-2.  Prior to that there was my road “racing” bike, a lime green 1997 Salsa La Raza made in California possibly by Ross Schaefer (or one of his builders) definitely just before he sold Salsa to Q as it was the old sloping top-tube compact design with a 1″ headtube.  It had Campagnolo Chorus Ergo Levers on it using 9 out of ten speeds, White Industries titanium hubs, standard Mavic Reflex hoops that James Connell built out in San Francisco. It was pretty solid. I put Mavic SSC brakes which matched the Ergo-Lever cable pull & the braking was excellent. The drive train is was all Dura Ace though I bought a cheap 9 speed KMC chain.  I have a some old Time ATACs that I still used to rock.  I’ve thought about the Speedplay Frogs, or even Eggbeaters, though mostly I’ve been trying to not buy more stuff.

I’ve bought and sold a nice used 1985 Klein Performance. I also sold on eBay my 1985 Specialized Expedition touring bicycle that I rode to Montreal several Summers ago, that I got from the CCC when I worked there in Portland. Just like the Le Mans, Gitane, and Mercier.

Klein, Specialized Expedition, Salsa
Old Klein narrow aluminum tubing
Klein Performance mocks me
IMG 2382

I owned a red/white early 1990’s Centurion Le Mans. This was a nice ride, low stand over, long top tube, Tange 2 steel. Not super light, but a decent, good & honest.

I purchased a white Mercian for full price at the CCC to match the Gitane as dualing cyclo-cross single speeds.  To this day only the Gitane is really for me.

Previously in Olympia, WA I had bought a yellow Cannondale Jekyll dual suspension mountain bike with rim linear pull V-Brakes.  All the brake and derailleur lines would fill with mud from the NW winters.  Disc brakes and sealed lines, I guess that’s a given if you want to mountain bike year round in the Pacific NW.

There was a white Schwinn which took 27″ wheels, which I built 700c fixed wheels for and rode for a spell. I sold the wheels to a fellow bike shop kid at Evergreen and built the frame up for Alison, after accidentally locking myself in the bathroom at the CCC from about 3am-7am.

And Mrs. Krygowski’s Cannondale R500 triple bone shaker road bike.

And a Kona BMX dirt jumper stolen in Olympia, WA.

And of course the purple Nishiki Olympic 12 that I sold to C.  It still looks good though when I recently looked at the lug work I realized it was a low-entry level model. I’ve seen much nicer lugs on similar vintage, higher end Miyatas and the like.

And let us not forget the 1998 Kona, bright orange, Jake the Snake [rest in peace].  Jake and I rode many many miles together. A lot of cyclo-cross. A trip up the PCH 1/101 from San Fran to Olympia and a little cross country bike ride from Olympia to DC. When Jake finally cracked, Molly got a new (ugly mixed green) frame out of that one.

Had a couple little old Trek mountain bikes, a 800 or 820 I think, in green metallic. Chris from USC still has it, and uses it, amazingly. There was a smaller black one that got stolen from my driveway with Conor’s bike, it made me sad.

And a BMX bike I crashed really hard in front of my parent’s house with Conor, in the rain and I had rocks embedded in my lip.

And a really awesome tricycle with plastic wheels.