Azza may be pronounced Azz-uh

The film I worked on last summer mostly at Fort Totten titled Joshua was screened for cast, crew, investors, and a few célébrité last night. You can check out the trailer at Apple HD Trailers and while you are in the mood to watch trailers, check Ridley’s at American Gangster, it looks pretty good, I only worked for about a month on that, it was a much bigger shoot needless to say.

The producers last night were talking about how independent film is still something of a miracle and I generally agree with them. There is a pseudo formula, you need to have a least one principal A list cast member, ideally a couple. A first time director will need to have a writer who has proven successful, you only choose a cinematographer who has also shot features ideally in a similar genre. And the list goes on, a $3 million picture still has a good chance of not suceeding. Benoit Debie’s cinematography last night looked good, and the movie was creepy, and Fox Searchlight bought it, so there you go.