awesome. bored.

Jess and I rigged the taxi cab for the the low budget non-existant process trailer.  Benoît Debie is our DP and he is fairly easy to please, and with 8 little hand dimmers and a several colored rope lights taped to the inside back windows of the taxi cab, he was happy.  Of course it somehow took production 8 hours to get us a 750watt inverter.  And eventually it overheated.  But Benoit really took to using a flashlight with LCT Yellow gel on it and the dimmers were at his disposal as he pulled focus and flashed lights, cramped inside the taxi.
Also once we wired the inverter to the front grill of the car it stopped overheating and was able to give us our 2amps that we wanted for the 8 rope lights.  Heat is not your friend.  I feel something of a malaise about this show.  It’s moving along I suppose.  It’s just another week of one’s life.  One week at a time.  The widescreen TV Zoe’s dad loaned us wouldn’t display Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon in the native 1.66:1 ratio. Very strange.  1.78:1 stuff seems to be fine.  1.85 and 2.35 seem to work as well.  I’m not sure.  Aspect ratios and video transfers are a funny thing.  I’ve thought to go as far as build an HTPC for it that will go DVI out.  The main problem seems to be that the tv isn’t a true 16:9 but rather 15:9.  Time will tell.  A cheap HTPC is probably a decent option if we hope to watch any of season 3 of the OC considering that we missed almost all of it.  The last half of the season finale was pretty awesome though.  I am so glad Marissa Cooper is dead.  She was never good enough for Ryan.  She was such a slut.  I’m telling you.