Awesome awesomeness

So things have been busy but going pretty well, in comparison to the Winter at least.  I’m having another go at MythBuntu 8.04 LTS on the old PIII as the Myth Back-End.  I built our Front-End this afternon.  It’s a E5200 Core Duo chip, the motherboard is based on Intel’s 4100 chipset and is made by Gigabyte. I ended up with an MSI made Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT PCI-Express x16 v2.0 video card which should be able to offload my the processing needed for HDTV and h.264 1080p video playback, from what I’ve read anyhow VDPAU and Linux have come along nicely especially in the 9.04 release which is what I’ll run on the Front-End.  The MSI supports two digital heads simultaneously over HDMI and DVI.  Unfortunately the one Antec 120mm fan is quite noisy while the other Enermax 120mm is dead quiet.  Lesson learned.  I was going to buy two of those but I cheapened out.

The case itself is pretty solid, it’s an Antec Sonata III and it came with a nice EarthWatts 500w power supply and originally I was considering trying to find a different case and keep the PSU, but I think it’ll work out.  I would say that you shouldn’t stuff like four 3.5″ SATA HDDs in this case, it’d be too hot and noisy.  I may need to buy some sound deadening padding for the walls of the case and do a little dremmel cutting to open up some grating that seems to be blocking airflow.  I was considering doing this at the Pratt metal shop but the prospect of dragging this case all the way down there was too daunting and besides, who doesn’t need a rotary cutting tool?

So yeah.  A bit of the ‘ole bike commuting across the Williamsburg bridge.  The weather has stayed pretty friendly and I’ve been taking sailing classes which have been a lot of fun.  That’s all.  Lets hope the new builds workout here so Zoe can start recording more model TV shows.