The Texans are coming!!

What happens to a cowboy when his hat accumulates too much snow? That’s the mix we’re seeing. More and more steel toed boots and wide brimmed hats are riding the metro these days. And the good lord almighty, our saviour, a proud american, decided to dump a few inches of the white stuff on us.

So what did we do? We ran. 40 minutes around the city. Asa met Mark and I at my house then we trucked along the progressive sidewalks of Mt. Pleasant, over hispanic laden Columbia Rd., and down the urban chic 18th St into the Dupont area where the Republicans were dressed to be seen and happy to sparkle.

We said bye to Asa at his office just off the circle then slid our way down a wooded path into Rock Creek Park. Yep, just me and Mark, running in mild darkness under the quiet, snow dressed archways of winter branches, following the cross country ski marks along the path wedged between creek and parkway.

As always, we had to go uphill to get back to 1745 Park Rd. The ingrediants of grade, cold air, and my lingering cough came together in another body wrenching, dry heaving seizure performance. Funny how the girl who walked by let out a giggle and not an offer of assistance or even a glance of empathy. Ah well, progressiveness takes many forms. I mean, at least it wasn’t a Texas snarl and contemptuous request for my quarantine.

First Run of the Year.

It was a slightly cool, grey Sunday afternoon, perfect for a long run. Starting at 1745 Park Rd. we took it easy on the downhill into the Zoo and onto the Rock Creek pathway. We followed that South down to Georgetown then cut across via the C&O. The path was closed for a short section so we jumped down into the mostly dry canal, ran several hundred yards with a step here and there sinking an inch or two in the mud, then climbed up the stone wall and back out onto the track. After a km or so, we diverted off of the C&O, under a bridge and onto a dirt path. I’m not sure enough of our location in the city to describe it in this writing but it did include a long stretch through the woods and several intense hill sections until eventually putting us back on the Rock Creek Pathway. The run ended with a hard push up the big hill to Calvert then, having eclipsed the hour mark, we slowed to strolling pace, so as to soak in the first Sunday afternoon of 2005 in Adam’s Morgan and Mt. Pleasant. Tomorrow, speed…

Mark notes: I felt really good today for some reason. Took about 30 minutes to warm up but once we hit the C&O I felt like we could roll. The hills were nice, and the downhills back in Dunbarton Oaks felt great. Total run ~60 minutes

Top 5 Finish!!

And I even beat the 75 year old NASA employee, dealing him a much needed ego deflating blow just two weeks before his retirement from the Space Agency.

Yeah, so I finished top 5 in the Tidal Basin 3K, but really of the 40 or so folks who lined up for the race, only about 8 were worth comparing oneself against. And that was only because I’m using my aggrevated right quad as an excuse. Really, this race should be an easy win. The top finisher came in around 10:30. I’m guessing anyway. I’ll see tomorrow when the results are posted online. I came in at 11:02 (a 5:55 mile pace). It is true that I was holding back so as not to overstrain the quad, but also I realized that I still have a long way to go. My form felt terrible, and my shadow’s form looked terrible. I’m breathing way too hard for a 3K. I’m having difficulty with the small breaths. They all seem to be gasps. But not nearly as gaspy as the bloke I overtook to earn the #5 position’s wheezes. I like to think he was going all out.

Well, next month the race is the day before the inauguration. Even with dodging security agents I won’t be happy with anything slower than a 10:30. It’ll have to be a disciplined holiday season.


Case of the Late afternoon Blogs

Yesterday (Monday 12/13) evening’s session had hopeful beginnings. 15 min of stretching. On the warm up jog over to Cardozo track, the upper right quadricep strain that had been hampering me seemed to be healed. However, once we were two laps into our first 1.5 mile, I could sense that it was weaker than a completely healthy quad would feel. But… a 95 second 400m is not a scortching pace so I thought I’d be fine. Lap five of the the second 1.5 was when the tweak occurred. Then on the successive lap it tweaked again, in the same area on the track nonetheless. The third 1.5 mile was going to be the punisher. The part of the session that would push us forward. I could feel that in my lungs. But frustratingly I made the call to end the session for myself. Mark continued with barefoot form drills on the grass.

Today – the quad hurts like hell. Much more than the mild pain from last night indicated it would. Right now I’m sure the race tomorrow is out of the question. I’ll still have my running clothes with me at work though.


Mark notes: 15 min w/u to Cardozo, 1st LT 2400m (99.8″, 95.4″, 96.0″, 94.7″, 98.2″, 95.9″: total 9′:39.9″ avg 96.7″ per 400m lap), 2nd LT 2400m (1st 94.2″, 95.6″, 94.1″, 94.0″, 95.7″, 94.4″ total 9′:28.0″ avg 94.7″ per 400m lap), 9 minute jog home: ~43 min total