And more…

Another project we knocked off the list this week was soldering the correct DC coaxial tip onto an old Iomega Zip Drive (120AC to 5VDC) linear power supply. From what I read online this was the best value to upgrade the cheap switching mode power supply that comes with the E-MU 0404 USB sound card; I found one in NJ on eBay for $8 shipped.

Another fix was for the 8 AWG stranded copper speaker wire I bought a few years ago (which never fit my amp or speaker inputs) but last week I found some banana plugs that fit just fine. And now there appears to be more bass going on.

Iomega Zip Drive 5VDC

Iomega Zip Drive 5VDC (upgrad3!)

Dayton Audio BAGS-G

Dayton Audio BAGS-G (8 AWG!)