and back home.

Made it to Astoria at 4am this morning. This is a less than ideal time to return from Philadelphia. Darren and Terry were awake and drinking. It’s also desirable when shooting a student film not to have your father drive the 15 passenger van at all times, including 3am into Manhattan. Abraham was my gaffer/belligerent New Jersey City companion for the week on set. Tim was his Floridian, now New Jersey, Key Grip counterpart. It was something of a good cop/bad cop routine for me all week, fortunately Abe likes to juggle and we were able to find one thing to not get upset at one-another about.

Also: I left my white cotton sleeping socks at the dorm at Temple. I really hope Production finds a way to get these back to me. I’m working on a music video the next two days in Manhattan. That should be fun and low budget. Independent Film Maker magazine listed New York as #1 for iFilm not too long ago, I think for good reason. I have some ideas for bicycles.