“All I said was that our son, the apple of our three eyes — Martha being a cyclops — our son is a beanbag, and you get testy!”

Stephen and I installed a ceiling fan the other day.  Zoe and I were in Vermont recently.  The blueberries were good and Zoe ran over a squirrel on our way south to Hanover, NH.  I went running a couple of times in the green.  The dirt was soft, the air was clean, and a local private academy had a nicely groomed and wooded 5km cross country running trail.  We rented a compact car, a free upgrade from economy.  We learned that Mazda 3’s have scored higher in reliability and crash safety than the Daewoo / Chevy Aveo. I want to root for the underdog, but the Aveo really is a questionable buy (according to Consumer Reports’ small car issue) with long term maintenance and safety issues.

Marcus and Zoe’s grandmother came up and we ate lobster for two gluttonous days.  We went swimming next to a small waterfall. On the drive home some sort of act of god befell vacationers on HWY91 southbound, something about downed power lines, perhaps the Dies Irae.  For us though, simply two extra hours sucked by the vacuum of motorized transit on American Highways.  The NY Times today had a nice photo of a man polishing the front bumper of a Hummer in a sea of Hummers waiting to be sold.  Keep polishing that Hummer my man, keep polishing.  Down we go.  I hope you brought out the good china, not much left to do, but “I love dancing, don’t you”?