Advent Heritage Speakers

In what was probably the best street find of the year I found a pair these Advent Heritage towers, in decent shape.  The 8″ woofers need to be re-foamed. When I lived in DC I found a pair of old AR’s speakers on Capitol Hill  that had the same issue, anyhow, re-foaming doesn’t seem too difficult.

The Advent Heritage towers are about the equivalent of $1000 speakers in 2009 dollars.  They have a pecan wood top and front panel while the main paneling is sealed heavy MDF.  These things are solid and well made.  And amazingly, when I plugged one of them in, it worked fine and sounded good. Way better than the old Bose speakers we’d been using.  Zoe even remarked, “Huh, that does sound a lot clearer”.  The mids and the highs are much better and still not too much bass, which is good in an apartment building.

Below is the image of what is in our apartment now.  The Bose will be going into storage.

Advent Heritage Tower Speaker
Advent Heritage Tower Speaker

4 responses to “Advent Heritage Speakers”

  1. Tony says:

    I have the exact pair of speakers and they are powered by an Adcom 200W per channel amp and Adcom pre-amp. I cannot turm my power amp past the midpoint. They are loud and crystal clear.

    If you consider parting with them, I may be interested.

    I am about to re-form one of the mids.

  2. Paul Napolitano says:

    I have the same speakers and I need to get them refoamed. Did you get yours done yet?

    • Mark Beattie says:

      I just finished one pair of 8″ woofers and now need to re-glue the other two. They sound good, though I need to put some “flexible rope caulk” as a gasket behind the driver frames to get a slightly better seal. This guy’s website had a pretty good writeup and a recommendation for a seller on eBay:

      This seller:

      I did end up cutting the dust cover off the voicecoils, and on one driver the fabric connecting the voicecoil to the paper cone had become disconnected so I bought some flexible glue and fixed that. Really the whole process is mostly about being methodical in your cleaning, carefully shimming the coil, and then using thin layers of glue to get the foam just right. It’ll take about a day if you’re fastidious.

  3. David Hughes says:

    I just recycled a pair of these speakers into a tri-amped configuration with a ported woofer in the bottom. The cabinet fronts are 20mm solid wood but the rest of the cabinet is made of cheep particle board, not MDF, and it’s only 16mm thick. A good upgrade would be to rip the backs off, QED, and glue in 12mm MDF linings to the sides along with a new 24mm MDF back. You will have a small reduction in internal volume, but nothing to worry about. Send me an e-mail address and I will send you a picture.