A-list, internet, La Jolla

the A list was in full effect in the Meat Packing last weekend with
Lindsay Lohan’s wrap party VIP guest list, fat Jared Leto special .
Fortunately, not everyone who worked on the movie was on the list,
because that’s not what wrap parties are for, especially if you’re
having one at Level V in the West Village. Ginny, Zoe, and I with
Jamison managed to get in. The producers were no doubt ecstatic to
have Lindsay pay for those two hours of ridiculous scene. Stacey and I
have pretty much got the final cut. She’s the best. I’m going to La
Jolla to see Mr. Condit et all for some fish tacos, beer on the beach,
and sand in my shoes. Last night Kate and Kyle threw a small Olympic
watching shin-dig for Ms. Zena Barakat who will be shooting and writing
for Bloomberg News. Jet Blue baby. That’s all there is right now
between me, a cold dirty house in Astoria, and the beach.