A bit of the Ludwig van

The 320 kbit .MP3s of “A Clockwork Orange” Soundtrack are not as beefy as they could be. The FLAC files will sound better. I have Beethoven’s 9th on vinyl as well, and it sounds better, though the old Phillips 437 Synchro Belt Drive needs some TLC. I agreed to go work for Tim/Mike/Jamison/et al. tomorrow [ed: today] on Cashmere Mafia. I did a couple weeks on the Coen Brother’s film they’re shooting here in the city. It’s not that I’m tired. More ready for change. Ready to stop painting the apartment. Maybe it’s sort of what Chris felt when he was in the depths of organizing his iTunes library and downloading all the album covers for his iPod. Ready for the endless nature of this show business to be done. But yeah, “Ode to Joy” is nice. Schiller. A bit of the ‘ole ultra violence. Freude and all.

the bounty
So much sand.
It was hot
Battery Park with Zoe - 4