Power Squash, 3 Parts, dig it.

Three excellent links to the Power Squash, instructional videos:

Power Squash, Part I: The Basics

Power Squash, Part II: Defending

Power Squash, Part III: Attacking

This may not change your game. In fact, tonight, I played pickup with a young woman on the courts who very nearly whacked me in the head several times with her wild backhand, and prior to that I played a Frenchman, who was most certainly still developing his backhand, so if you take away one thing from these videos, it’s this: cocked wrist in the ready position, and ‘eye on the ball’ matey.

旺角卡門 (HK 1988), ‘Take My Breath Away’, awesome.

As Tears Go ByWong, Kar Wai:

As Tears Go By 旺角卡門 (HK 1988) Wong Kar-Wai


And, on the same continent but more literal, an excellent cultural writeup by Chris O’Brien of the rice alcohol & Bia hơi available in Northern Vietnam:

And because I don’t want to let you down, all five of you who read this, thanks mom:

Top Gun-Maverick&Charlie-Take My Breath Away


Unetbootin my old friend, Dell XPS 15″ 1st gen, my enemy

Was having a devil of a time getting 10.04 LTS Unbuntu (Lucid Lynx) to install via USB flash key.  It would boot off the key fine, then during installation step 3, choose your keyboard layout, it would hang, no matter what I selected.  A couple of people suggested it was the maker of the USB key, so not having a spare key, I tried the “Alternate” text based installer, which also failed while recognizing disk partitions at 43%.  Someone else had this exact problem, which leads me back to this post, and the USB key as culprit:


Apparently partition size of the USB key can effect installation, so I’m going to try a 1GB partition and see if that works.  Otherwise, most users were able to either install 9.10 Netbook version or 11.10 with no problems, so I’m going to try that next, because as it stands I tried three different USB boot key creators (Pendrivelinux, Unetbootin, and LinuxLive USB) and three different versions of 10.04 LTS, no joy.  So hopefully this 1GB partition gets the installation flowing.  For the record, the machine is an old Dell Inspiron XPS 15″ 1st generation, Pentium 4 3.4GHz.

Update 30.Jan.2012: I got this working, as of a couple of days ago. I ended up booting from an old 8.04 or 8.10 CD-ROM I’d burned and the did an upgrade over the internet tubes to 10.04 LTS. It works, the Broadcom wireless adapter required a non-open driver but that auto updated as well, which is nice. And, I will say this, that 1920×1600 15″ LCD is massive on this thing. Ubuntu seems to really handle display settings much better than XP did, and Windows 7 would never be able to run on this thing, especially considering the poor performance I’ve seen from Windows 7 on Netbooks, I’d say 10.04 LTS or 9.10 Netbook is a safe bet for older machines.

Ad nauseum

In honor of the new Kay-Ess show on a television network belonging to the Canidae family:

Brad Neely's: 'The Professor Brothers: Movie Talk 2'


Brad Neely gets it done right.  Language is NSFW or children, by the way.  A partial transcript starting at 1′:06″ from the video:


“We are the best ad agency in the f*ing world. This campaign is simple sh*t people. Get a guy in there, dunking the f* out of a basketball; another guy, doing a hand-plant on the edge of the motherf*ing Grand Canyon. And another guy having *n*l sex with a screaming monster, in a hang glider. You know what I f*ing mean?!!!

[Professor One]

“Better… on… paper. Definitely.”

EMU 0404 USB driver finally updates….

I’ve never been displeased with the price performance of the Creative/E-MU 0404 USB 2.0 [DAC] MIDI audio interface, but seeing as how I mostly use it for music listening I’m not super reliant on the latest and greatest drivers, it’s worked fine with OS X.

From past experience, I know configuring just about any USB audio interface in Windows XP was a headache, and I am told Vista/Win7 fixes some of the audio path issues. But I don’t run Windows 7. I have 10.6.8 on my systems now, the Mini is the main playback hub. The E-MU drivers for it were old, think Rosetta, possibly PowerPC binaries, as in old, but they worked. And despite being capable, Creative/E-MU has never enabled 24 bit 192KHz playback with the 0404 USB under OS X. I’m sure it’s possible. This is all to say, when I updated to the latest drivers for 32/64 bit Snow Leopard / Lion compatibility I just wanted to make sure it didn’t break anything, if it sounds better, great, so long as it doesn’t break functionality.

Here’s a link to the October 14, 2011 64 bit Lion driver download page: http://support.creative.com/downloads/download.aspx?nDownloadId=12115

I can’t hear any difference but it didn’t seem to break anything. Still no 192KHz up-sampling option.

On a side note, C says it’s not worth it yet to sync all the songs to the cloud, too much lag, in which case I need to upgrade to a 1TB 9.5mm 2.5″ SATA drive in the Mini, as I’m running low on space. I like having most albums at 16bit/44.1KHz lossless audio, and I occasionally buy CD’s and rip it to such. For streaming over the cloud 320kbps .mp3/aac seems to be standard. At $5/mo Spotify doesn’t sound very good, comparatively, $10/mo apparently bumps the streaming quality. At home FLAC/Apple Lossless sounds better, for sure.

I don’t eat, I don’t drink….

Some shots from a sunset before New Years 2012 in Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree Under Spell


The music clip is ‘Under Your Spell’ by Desire, available from their album, II (Italians Do It Better, 2009) as well as on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the 2011 film Drive.