All safe

Heard from L that B&K are safe save some cold toes. Will post some of my photos of Alaska to Flickr probably today.

Went running with M yesterday on the river and up the hill on my 1200m repeat loop. It’ll be nice to become a runner again. I suppose that’s the constant in this life, being reborn by trials of fire, or in my case pedestrianism.

My best to Evan on his XC two wheeled journey, I hope the weather stays clear and that it’s all downhill from Wyoming.


At Humpy’s Alehouse. Waiting for a flight home. Not sure what to make of the Kenai River Arctic XPA. Definitely golden blonde in color but hoppy and alcoholic in its tone.

Probably should’ve started with the Midnight Sun Goldstrike Kölsch. Neither a lager or an ale. I’ll have to look up XPA as a style, they say “American Pale Ale”. I taste a lot of citrus, pine, and a certain dry hoppiness.

Looking forward to coming home.

Alive in Alaska

So the good news is that I’m alive in Alaska in Talkeetna. I arrived via single prop Beaver bush plane this afternoon after a long night slogging across a thankfully frozen glacier with some Tennessean compatriots I met at camp 11k as I was hiking down.

Sadly, I have some sort of Bronchitis, which is what brought me back down here to near sea level. Ben and Koysta still hope to finish at least the Upper West Rib, hopefully sooner than later, though Ben has already soloed the West Buttress.

It is warm and green here which is a nice change of pace compared to burning glacier sun, hot/cold & snowing, & sometimes incredibly cold. Hopefully I’ll spend a couple of days here to recover from the grippe and be on my way back East, as I do miss my family and friends.

Also, Evan’s riding back East

Also, my good friend Evan is riding back across the country. You can follow him on our new/old Team Bikeasaurus blog:

Or if you like, click this Add to Google to add to your Google Reader, otherwise it’s /feed after the URL for the XML feed.

Currently he’s in northern California and said today that he’s sick of the rain but is excited to to start heading northeast to the the dry mountains of Oregon.

Ready Set Go

Getting ready for the trip to Alaska. We spent two nights on the summit of Mt. Whitney in the little stone hut. It wasn’t too cold. The second night I felt a bit better with the altitude with some hot ramen noodles.  The Koflach Arctis Expe boots will have to do.  My VBL socks should work, my mittens are solid.  I may need a new pair of glove liners, which I probably should’ve bought in Colorado.